Live Streaming

Not gonna lie, we love multi-cam shoot setups and an adrenaline-pumping PCR. But what really gets us excited is a live stream! We've partnered with some of the best teams (NEP / Prime Focus, EVS, Planet Cast) and are fully equipped to push a 4K 30/60P stream along while firing live graphics and managing remote workflows that allow live online switching. 

When it comes to broadcast & streaming, we've got the following covered: 

  • Broadcast Camera Setup (HD & 4K) (Sony/Grass Valley/Panasonic)
  • Camera Rigs - Tracks / Jimmy Jib / Steady Cam / Automatic Track / Dolly Spider
  • Cam / Drone Hi-Speed Camera etc
  • EVS / SSM Licence
  • Audio Setup for Live Streaming / MCR or PCR Room Setup
  • Live GFX (Graphics) for Streaming and Live Venue Screens (Image Magnifier / LED Walls)
  • Live Edit/Capture for Social Media Cut and Upload Videos in Real-Time
  • Edit and Data Servers on Location
  • Internet 20MBPS to 100MBPS - ILL circuit line
  • PSTN line for Telephone Hybrid
  • OB Van with Crew (C-Band) (DSNG- Truck)
  • Satellite Path - Transmission
  • Wireless / RF Transmission
  • After Movie and Interview Shoot with floating units and Audio
  • Rigs like Bolt and Other Film Camera (Arri/Red/Black magic & more)
  • Commentary Units and Sound Proof rooms
  • Recording Units / Data Management and Cloud Server
  • LiveU Units and Transmission 


We cover everything from television shows shot on a broadcast format with a live audience, to live streaming music festivals, sports events, red carpets, runway shows and more!


Some examples of work we've done in the realm of broadcasting & streaming, which we hope will give you an insight into our process. 

YTFF Singapore 2022

 YouTube Fanfest Singapore was the celebration of 10 years of Fanfest and wonderful creators. We honoured the growth and success of YouTube Fanfest, and showcased Asia Pacific’s established and emerging creator community who are taking us into the next ten years. This show was live streamed on the YTFF channel. 

In collaboration with Google and TPI, we planned a flawless execution of a Multicam setup to show all the viewers what happened in this event. With a total of 9 cameras with a manless track and a jib, we switched the multiple camera feeds to perfection, giving the audience the best viewing experience

Impact:  More than 50 creators and artists from 11 countries participated in the event, showcasing the true diversity of the creator community. This smooth showcase led to a reach of 2.5 Million views on the YTFF channel

Red Bull's BC One World Final

Brief :
 Live coverage of one of the most prestigious international competitions -- Red Bull BC One, 16th edition - an international one-on-one breaking dance competition held in India for the first time.

 Post 6 months of gruesome planning, our team came up with a unified solution of integrating the live feed with real-time edits and synchronised commentary in 4 languages. We also created micro snippets of individual participants, leading to higher audience engagement.

 The broadcast feed created by Frizzon was watched by more than 4 million viewers worldwide. 

Awards & Recognition:  Red Bull BC One World Final 2019 was honoured For Best Video - Branded Entertainment Live Experiences In The 24th Annual Webby Awards.

III. Twitter Filmfare Live

Brief :
  Capturing live, the 63rd Jio Filmfare awards’ red carpet event, graced by various B-town celebrities. 

Process : Meticulously covering the impromptu red carpet moments and individually framing the celebrity bytes amid the Awards glitz.

Impact : We managed to create an engaging live feed that was enjoyed by over 1.2 million Twitterati globally.

IV. Netflix Junkets

Brief :  Press junkets for Netflix titles in the thick of a global lockdown. While it was not possible to arrange on-ground promotions for Netflix they needed a way to work safely and remotely to achieve its marketing goal. 

Process : We developed a WFH workflow that facilitated video interactions with talent & journalists in India and overseas to create these “Virtual Junkets / Press interactions”. Recording in HD with and without layouts embedded into the feed. While filming, we were able to create virtual live rooms for the talent and virtual green rooms for the journalists logging in, creating separate briefing spaces for Netflix to avoid overlap. 

A  Journalist would typically log into the green room where do's & don'ts were explained to them and the talent logged into the live room where, one-by-one when ready, the journalist was transferred for their scheduled interaction. 

Impact : Netflix successfully conducted junkets for many of its lockdown releases. Titles include 'Extraction', 'Mrs. Serial Killer', 'Choked', 'Ludo' and more.

V. Red Bull's Mind Behind Series 

Brief :
 Red Bull collaborates with some of the world’s best athletes, singers & artists. During the global lockdown, they decided to pick the minds of some of the greats and delve into their mindset and precise methodology.

Process : We partnered with Red Bull to work on a customised Instagram Live for the series. And pulled off a seamless 30 min live with two celebrities in different corners of the world.

VI. ICC'S Panel Discussions

ICC was curating a series of panel discussions on their channel through the global lockdown of 2020. The task for us was to facilitate a seamless streaming experience for the panel of esteemed cricketers and sports personalities joining the call.  

Process : We brought together talent/panelists and the show director onto the same platform with enough controls to manage & record individual audio levels and video feeds recording on one system. Our practice of separating the live room and green room offered us ample leeway for backend communication.

Impact : Hashed out multiple episodes of the 30 min talk show with renowned speakers & our beloved hosts, all connected from different corners of the world.

VII. Netflix's #HorrorNightWithBetaal

Brief :
A title promotion, the idea was to premier the first 7 mins of the series 'Betaal' in a live-stream hosted by Rohan Joshi along with the cast & crew of the show. 

Process : Once we locked in the RO of the show and had finalised scripts, we did tech runs a day prior with the talent. On the day of the show, we had talent logged into the green room ahead of time and they were pushed into the live room as per the RO. A show-runner was able to keep time, call as well as live switch feeds intercutting talking head solos, VTs and layouts.

Impact : A seamless one-hour LIVE stream on Netflix's Youtube channel that reached out to more than a million subscribers! 

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