My first shoot with Frizzon…

Penned by Geetanjali Choudhary

In the scorching heat of the mid-summer and windy atmosphere, we were filled with excitement and anticipation. People are running on the ground of the BPCL sports club. This is not a workout or a marathon; it is the untiring crew of Frizzon Productions preparing for the recent shoot with Red Bull India. 

So, what is RBCC?

RBCC- Red Bull Campus Cricket, gives a chance to aspiring cricketers with the intent to test their skills and make it big, one day. Team Frizzon Productions curated six interesting challenges to see if these upcoming cricketers are up for the game. Adding to my excitement and surprise, Smriti Mandhana, the world-renowned Indian Cricketer, came on board to boost the spirit of the players.

"We have been doing RBCC for the last four years, and as Frizzon, we try to give 100% to every shoot. My confidence comes from having competent team members who critically visualise the project as per the client's expectations. It was supposed to rain, but we went ahead because the client believed in us. In the end, we felt accomplished. Achal Manglik, Founder, Frizzon Productions

Forward planning and keeping the next set-up ready is crucial. Not only it saves time, but it also allows you time to ascertain any obstacles that may arise at that moment. From the selection of props to the strategic placement of players, the entire production must be aligned, top to bottom.

"The RBCC shoot needed a lot of set-up changes, and I was on my toes planning, putting all of my energies into it. I enjoy challenges and this time I had to be ahead of the rain. Team and I did whatever it took to execute the shoot.Momita Jaisi, Associate Producer.

The production team provided a backbone to the shoot. As the heart and soul of the production, they took on the weight of the entire operation, ensuring that the show must go on. With the ability to recognise the ever-changing needs of the shoot and the team's tireless dedication, the shooting ground turned into a realm of sheer harmony.

"RBCC shoot was full of growth, crazy adrenaline, extreme fatigue, and a lot of fun for me." I can't wait for the finished result and for many more projects like this to happen with Frizzon.” Janice DSouza, Executive Producer

The Director and her team stood as an unshakable pillar, guiding the entire production with unwavering resolve. Amidst daunting challenges and mounting pressure, they remained focused.

“This shoot had lots of responsibilities on my shoulders. I prepare myself in such a way, that if something goes wrong, I have control over the situation. During the worst case also, I never lost faith in myself and my team. I'm proud that we got every shot exactly as planned.”- Madhura Keskar, Director

“It was my first non-fiction project and was fun. Experiencing all ups and downs, RBCC shoot taught me a lot” Kirat Alang, Chief Associate Director.

The post-Production Team, and the individuals managing the camera and sound equipment handling were the hidden champions of the production. Their tireless efforts ensured the management of equipment and footage.

"The shoot was fun, frolic, hot, and tense, and I kept popping into the frame while taking BTS. I was in charge of handling the data transfer and ensuring the safety of the footage. It was all made possible by the fantastic supporting crew on the ground." Yash Shinde, Editor.

"It's always a pleasure to work with Frizzon because I learn so much from every shoot." I am learning and having fun within the production department and I aim to keep going." Aditya Mathur, Associate Producer.

There were people in the crew who were experiencing the shoot for the first time. They were enveloped in an environment of support, where wisdom was shared freely, and mistakes were seen as stepping stones toward growth. It was here, within the embrace of their senior counterparts, that they flourished and found their place in the tapestry of RBCC.

“While the rain played its mind games with us, we ran around trying to get the best shots we could. After toiling for two days, we got it! And believe me, it was worth it!”- Smith Thomas D’britto, Assistant Director.

The two-day RBCC Mumbai 2023 shoot was a testament to the crew's preparedness, precision, and dedication. Despite their initial fear of rain, the success of the RBCC shoot was the result of the incredible skills and dedication of the cricketers along with the Frizzon crew.