Lean In video
Motorcycle racing in Aizwal.

Meet Van Lalmuana A.K.A Mauntea , an amature racer from aizwal, Miroram who has trained some of the best two-wheel racing talent in the north east Indian state for the Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup championship.

Shooting this documentary was hell of a fun.
We spent 10 days in mountains with the group of amazing racers.

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Cheers to the team who made it possible.

Director : Prateek Sharma
Cinematographer : Adri Thakur
Drone : Dinas Ralte
Executive Producer (Red Bull India): Geethika Chandran
Producer : Achal Manglik
Executive Producer : Sagarika Kochrekar
Associate Producer : Zeel Tushar Gandhi
Production manager : Shivjee Sah

Offline Editor: Prateek sharma
Grade : Kabir Ulhas
Sound Design and Mix : Venkatesh Iyer
Equipment: 1 Stop Cine Digital
Travel partner: Frizzon Travel