Red Bull #OnTheRoadStories ft  Akriti Kakkar

Red Bull #OnTheRoadStories ft Akriti Kakkar

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Red Bull #OnTheRoadStories ft Akriti Kakkar

Ever been at a concert and feared for your life ?
Well Singer Akriti Kakar has, watch her #OnTheRoadStory of how the Indian singer and her team dealt with a scary emergency while performing in patna.

Credits :

Client: Red Bull

Production House: Frizzon Productions
Producer : Achal Manglik
Director: Geethika Chandran
Creative Director : Rituparna Sarkar Visual Sarkarsm
DOP : Deepak Nambiar
Executive Producer: Sagarika Kochrekar
Assistant Director: Swati Shukla
Associate Producer: Zeel Tushar Gandhi

Editor: Vikrant More
Sound Mixing and Mastering: Venkat Aiyer
Production Manager : Shivjee Sah